Boards of Directors

The Nacogdoches Art Alliance (AKA Nacogdoches Film Festival) is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose goal is to raise scholarship money for film students attending Stephen F. Austin State University, as well as to provide financial support for the SFA Film program’s annual Summer Feature Film project, where SFA students experience firsthand the making of a full length feature film.

The Nacogdoches Art Alliance is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors.

  • Miles Bradshaw—Treasurer
  • Dr. Buddy Himes—Executive Committee (ex-officio)
  • Ron Johnson—Chair
  • Bill King—Vice Chair
  • Joe Lansdale
  • Brad Maule
  • Wayne Mitchell
  • Jerry Roberts—Secretary
  • Lisa Steed
  • Carl Watson


The Film Festival Committee is a group of volunteers that is responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting the annual Nacogdoches Film Festival on behalf of the Nacogdoches Art Alliance.

The following individuals are members of the Film Festival Committee:

  • Miles Bradshaw
  • Diane Dentice
  • Dr. Buddy Himes
  • Ron Johnson
  • Teresa Kees
  • Bill King
  • Linda King
  • Joe Lansdale
  • Brad Maule
  • Dr. Inga Meier
  • Herb Midgley
  • Wayne Mitchell
  • Samantha Mora
  • Richard Orton
  • Jerry Roberts
  • Sherri Skeeters
  • Dr. Alan Scott
  • Lisa Steed
  • Micheal Stidham
  • Joanna Temple
  • Javier Vega
  • Carl Watson
  • Susanne Yeagley